Representations: The Area Model

Sharing a post I wrote a few months ago for Be Bold Maths. Research The EEF guidance for Improving Mathematics in Key Stages Two and Three outline eight recommendations. They are: Use assessment to build on pupils’ existing knowledge and understanding; Use manipulatives and representations; Teach pupils strategies for solving problems; Enable pupils to develop… Continue Reading →

MathsConf23 reflections

Attending my first ever Maths conference (and virtual one) on Saturday was an absolute dream and I am still buzzing from it. I had a full day of geeking out, making tonnes of notes and being inspired by so many amazing Maths educators out there – the team at La Salle did a brilliant job… Continue Reading →

Lessons from virtual teaching

Once of the reasons I became a teacher was so that I didn’t have to sit behind a desk and stare at a screen from 9-5 and honestly, over the last two months, me and my back have struggled! Virtual teaching has been interesting but not exactly what I expected. I remember when I sat… Continue Reading →

HOD wish list.

If I was to run a department (which I hope to one day)… Excellent behaviour. The students should know where they stand when they come to Maths. They are here to learn. Learn lots. No need for show-y lessons. I don’t mind boring. We are there to teach, not entertain (this does not however mean… Continue Reading →


This is more of a personal reminder for me or for anyone starting/on their teaching journey who is browsing for behaviour strategies. I have tried and tested all of these and can say that there are some super successes and some epic fails. Tried and tested stuff that doesn’t work Confrontation. This one I still… Continue Reading →

What does education mean to me?

I don’t know if this is the inner Teach First-er in me but throughout my training and career (so far), I have genuinely clung to the belief that every child, regardless of their socio-economic background should have access to a ‘good’ education. Although the definition of ‘good’ itself makes me uncomfortable. What does ‘good’ even… Continue Reading →

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